Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Indian Hypocrisy

              The reason of chaos stands out for the world to witness. If you reckon me I wouldn't hesitate to blame a few misguided persons who have put us into this misery. The effects of karma, some would argue. But a reasonable limit exists to include karmic effects in this pathetic story of over 1 billion people. The core values required in a human being seem to have vanished and trampled to what the olden century people had imagined. Consider a place where tranquility is the essence, humanity is the religion and compassion is the bank balance. There are no fixed ways of life, only to experiment. Well in that world who would have imagined a place like now. Its a trick. A test. A tougher one, a meaner one, but the rules are unchanged. The advantage is faster progression. Speaking of rules, its not the laws laid down by common men. The Higher Laws define them in details in four Vedas. Of course you need to be in a higher state of consciousness just to truly understand and practice. "Out of 1000 who want Me, 1 seeks Me. Out of the 1000 who seek Me, One knows Me" - The Bhagavad Gita. Its a crazy probability out there. The Britishers didn't really make a difference by attacking our kingdoms and looting wealth. That was just the small negligible part. They destroyed the spiritual connection that ran between so many individuals, systems and practices. It looked as if it was meant to be. The corrupt few exploiting their spiritual supremacy, people getting tired of injustice and resorting to violence. I guess after this the word religion was coined. Because a religion never really existed before. It was all about the way to lead a peaceful life filled with advancements in physical, mental and spiritual states. The path was so well versed and practiced, that there was almost a zero chance of beings diverting to wrongful doings. The word for that practice was Sanathana Dharma. Sanathana mean 'eternal'. Dharma means 'law', not religion. I guess He found many people knocking on His door, hence He created diversionary feelings. Inventions, understandings, mindsets all have a dual path to choose from. The subconscious mind is indeed the true master of everything. It is like a Guide, a decider between good and bad. It shall protect you from negative energies whilst giving you chances and opportunities to make a choice. A bad choice and a handful of wrong doings will make the subconscious dormant. It will then go into hibernation allowing uninterrupted freewill. That is why hardly a person with bundles of negativity comes out. In simple words, its a game of choices. But its getting tougher.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Untitled Sayings

The lower souls crying for attention for the ones above them. The upper ones looking for a place above them. Its basically climbing stairs into something you really don't know. The few souls at the topmost realm have very little to do. They have seen it and want to remain there. They are continually in trance with the Highest Soul. They are not interested in pursuing a reincarnation. Its the ones just below these realms that feel to take a rebirth on earth. These souls want to prove something that they have come to earth. Spiritual gurus that we know of. They perform magnificent duties that the world is stunned. They bring you that essence that tells you a Higher Power exists. They gather lot of broken down souls and head them towards the path of righteousness. That's how the world is advancing. Now talking of the ones in higher realms, they check in once in a while. They find out a better class of souls, who really want to advance. They select one or two and train them under their fold. That lucky soul will advance much faster as he has a clear vision and a true purpose. Complete authoritative approach towards the mind holds the key as it can behave as a pure machine or a corrupted hypocrite. Of course the subconscious will be rider of the mind. But you can suppress it. That's the whole point. You have to control the mind even though your subconscious is the rider. If not, your Karma accumulates and you have to pay for your doings. Then its a race of how you survive in this complexities.

You know I was shocked. My mother told me of a place in interior Belgaum. There is a place where a great sadhu, a Siddi, has taken a Jeevant Samadhi ( A state where the soul is in divine union with Him). He had been meditating there for decades in an underground cave. This happened around late 18th century. Years later the public built a temple over him closing the cave with concrete and sealed it with the Sadhu inside. This revered soul's earth name was Shri Ghanshyam Bharathi. My forefathers used to worship in his temple on a monthly basis and regularly conduct various pujas to preserve the positive waves of the place. Even my mom has visited the cave a few times. Then as you know because of the incessant urbanization, the temple and the area surrounding it became a private property. Soon houses came up, some right over the cave! Now a pathetic situation has come. The owner of the house over the cave is not allowing anyone to enter the cave or the compound of hers. A negative soul. But the fact that immense energies surrounding there would be like a glass full of divine nectar. Just imagine a living sadhu living under her floor. Madness. I would be flipping out. I would literally live in this place forever. Now as all visitings to the cave have stopped, they are planning to close it forever and utilize that land. Sigh! What a madness. So just think of how tough its gonna be for us, to get through all this negativity and progress. Its a cruel game but with perpetual prizes.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Political Debauchery

                   You feel tired. You had a long day at work. All you want to do now is relax on the couch and watch some TV. You spend some time with your family, you browse through channels, have a quite dinner and go to sleep. Knock knock, you just spent around half a thousand bucks! It all started with a simple problem. Centuries ago, people became disgruntled with injustice. The lower classes or weaker sections of a society were mistreated and oppressed. They felt there must be a person or a group which protected them. They gave these protectors money to buy weapons, armies and war animals. These protectors were paid a fixed amount of money which later came to be known as tax. The protectors later got wealthy and the egoistic ones turned into dictators, kings and 'parties'. The need of a political power to protect, became a liability without escape. But that doesn't mean politics didn't have humble beginnings. Politics is an ancient word. Its the second oldest profession in the world. It existed at times where people co existed in harmony and peace prevailed. I am talking of tens of centuries ago. So its very clear that politics was not about how well you could deceive people or how popular you were. Its was not about how much wealth you had or "support" from the general public. It was about a stringent profession. A profession only for intellectuals who had a true vision, a penchant for the welfare of its subjects and a strong mind to control. People who practised politics were highly educated in various subjects required for governance. It was a position which demanded rigorous schedules and perseverance. It wasn't a position of Power. It was a socio-economic service to their respective society. Chanakya was the greatest politician of all times. 2000 years later, its a suicidal situation here. Its total chaos and beyond redemption. Politics is now a financial business. Its about increasing your assets endlessly. But sadly, the common man is either unaware or totally helpless. We are just with our own lives. Its a calculated trick. The government has seen to it that we remain engrossed among ourselves forgetting the outside world. It has made us run like crazy only to earn bread. With ever increasing rates a.k.a taxes, our rulers have ensured that we remain immersed in this and don't get time to think about them.

               The common man of India has endured each and every problem thrown at him and tolerated injustice like no other. Maybe its not a good thing. Tit for tat does not run in our veins. If you do the same wrongs then what is the difference between each other. But its a must to stand up and protest. We have been so easily bewitched that we feel we have obtained real freedom. But in fact, we have been ruled and are still being ruled. The people ruling were killers. They are still killers. The entire world was built by killers. The whole government is one large entity running its business. It is wearing a mask of democracy. Democracy is just an illusion. Its dissolving thousands of crores of rupees and we can't do nothing. We are still residents of different kingdoms ruled by kings of different dynasties. We are still paying 'lagaan' to our rulers and not even aware that they are actually no different than the Britishers, the Moguls or whoever stepped foot in India before looting it off. Even if we are aware, what in the world can you do to stop them. Starting from the village clerk to the prime minister, everyone is corrupt. Statistically, 50% of our income goes directly or indirectly as tax. It is a payment you give for living in a country. There is nothing wrong in it, but it is largely unorganized and vague. Rulers have come empty handed and gone with their hands full. India has sheltered them too. As it goes, it is a choice. Its freewill. But you will reap as shall you sow. But we cannot just say karma and sit hands crossed. We have to enlighten ourselves and get involved. Its time we stop paying people who project themselves as "protectors". Its time we put aside our differences and progress as a nation. Its time we start building ourselves and take back what is rightfully ours. There are people who have braved and questioned against the existing "protectors". They are dazzling individuals only concerned about governance. The Common Man has risen. This is it. This is the Dawn of Golden Age.